Employee Well-being Flex Time Guidelines


Kennesaw State University Employee Wellness permits employees up to 90 minutes of flex time each week pending the employee is granted approval by his/her supervisor. The purpose of well-being flex time program is to provide a supportive environment that encourages employees to adopt healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes, improve job performance, increase work satisfaction and improve physical and, as a result, mental well-being.


Well‐being Flex Time is defined as health‐related professional development time in which an employee can participate in well‐being activities during the work, and make up the time at another time during the week.

Well‐being activities include but not limited to, exercising at a preferred facility (on or off campus), walking groups, utilizing KEPRO Employee Assistance Program resources, University System of Georgia or KSU Employee Well-being programs (nutrition consults, cooking demos, fitness classes, Lunch N’ Learns).

Well‐being Flex Time is time which can be used during the work day and must be made up. The flex time cannot be accrued, and does not need to be documented on timesheets. Each fiscal year (July through the following June), employees must secure approval from their immediate supervisor prior to participation in the program using the Well‐being Flex Time Form

Who Can Participate 

Employees that are eligible to participate in the flex time must be in a full time or part time benefited position (e.g. be eligible for health, life, dental, retirement, etc.). Flex time for part-time employees will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis with their number of hours worked.

Roles and Responsibilities

Immediate supervisors should make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for participation in the program. Approval may be denied based on the operational needs of the department; if the employee is already participating in a flexible work schedule; or, if there are outstanding performance and/or attendance issues. If a request to participate is denied, the supervisor will indicate the reason(s) for the denial and communicate this to the employee.

 General Guidelines

  •  The 90 minutes of Well-being Flex Time is to be used in conjunction with the employee’s one (1) hour lunch period. A manager may use their discretion to approve the use of release time at an alternate time of day where they deem that use in conjunction with the lunch hour is not operationally feasible.
  • Employee Well-being Flex Time is unpaid time which, cannot be accrued, and does not need to be documented on attendance records.
  • Managers may identify peak service periods during the year when employee participation in release time will not be possible.
  • Misuse of the opportunity to participate in Well-being Flex Time will result in withdrawal of the approval to participate.


Each fiscal year of participation, employees must submit a completed Employee Well-being Flex Time Form to their immediate supervisor prior to participation in the Well‐being Flex Time program. Specify the weekday(s) and time(s) of the well‐being activities. Any deviations from the approved schedule must be pre‐approved by employee’s immediate supervisor. 

Please click here to download the Employee Well-being Flex Time Form