Wellness Education & Resources

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·         Understanding Osteoporosis

Credible Nutrition Resources:

·         Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

·         ChooseMyPlate


·         American Diabetes Association

·        Understanding Carbohydrates

·         Understanding Diabetes 

Fad Diets:

·       Book Reviews By Registered Dietitians

·       5 Ways Low-Calorie Diets Can Sabotage Your Health

·       Staying Away From Fad Diets

Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating:

·       What Is Disordered Eating?

·        National Eating Disorders Association 

·        Eating Disorder Information Network

         Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Gastrointestinal Health:

·       National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

Heart Disease:

·         American Heart Association

·        AHA Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

Mindful Eating:

·         AmIHungry?

·         Moderation Movement 


·     The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists FAQ

·        Food Safety Risks for Pregnant Women

Sports Nutrition:

·         American College of Sports Medicine

·         Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition 


·      Office of Dietary Supplements


·         The Basic Facts 

·       Food Sources of 5 Important Nutrients for Vegetarians

·         The Vegetarian Resource Group

·       Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Weight Gain:

·       Healthy Weight Gain

Weight Loss/Management:

·      What a Healthy Weight Loss Plan Really Looks Like

·      Back To Basics

No Equipment At Home Workouts

Low to moderate intensity

Cardio, Strengthen & Stretch (36 minute duration) 

Moderate to high intensity

Cardio Sculpt (46 minute duration)

Body Weight Boot Camp (34 minute duration)


Eye Health

EyeMed Wellness Resource

Click here to learn more about Glaucoma

Learn about HEV Blue Light & your eye health


Protect The Skin You're In: Skin Cancer Prevention Resources & Tips To Stay Protected Outdoors

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, SKIN is the most common of all cancers, each year in the U.S. over 5.4 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are treated in more than 3.3 million people. It is also the easiest to cure, if diagnosed and treated early.

Keep your beautiful skin protected this year and all year round with these prevention tips, resources and video:


If You Can Spot It You Can Stop It

Video and Step by Step Guide for Self Exam

The Skin Cancer Foundation's  Seal of Recommended products list  for safe and effective UV sun protection:


Click here to view Kaiser Permanente's Sun Safety flyer

To learn more visit kp.org/sunscreen



8 Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is not just about nutrition and exercise. The idea of wellness or well-being integrates the following dimensions: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness. Each of these eight dimensions interact in a way that helps improve and support a healthy quality of life.

  • Social Wellness is the ability to relate, establish and maintain positive relationships with the people around us, including: family, friends and co-workers.
  • Emotional Wellness is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring. As well as acknowledging and sharing feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress; hope, love, joy and happiness in a productive manner.
  • Financial Wellness is Financial wellness is having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in such a way that you are informed and prepared for financial changes and responsibilities
  • Spiritual Wellness is the ability to establish peace and harmony with a sense of purpose. It is also the ethics and beliefs that provide direction in our lives.
  • Environmental Wellness is understanding our own responsibility for the quality of the air, the water and the land that surrounds us and making a positive impact on this environment.
  • Occupational Wellness is the ability to gain fulfillment from our chosen career field by utilizing our skills and talents while maintaining balance in the other areas our lives.
  • Intellectual Wellness is the ability to engage in lively interaction while opening our minds to new ideas and experiences. The desire to learn new concepts, improve skills and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning contributes to our Intellectual Wellness.
  • Physical Wellness is the ability to maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors that improve the quality of life which allows us to go through our daily activities without experiencing fatigue or physical stress. It is also recognizing that these behaviors have a significant impact on our wellness and adopting healthful habits (routine check-ups, a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) while avoiding destructive habits (tobacco, alcohol, etc.) will lead to optimal health.