Facility Reopening Information

After careful planning and guidance from leadership, we are excited to let you know that we're reopening on September 14th. As always, the safety of our staff and members is our top priority, and we've been working hard to get ready to welcome you back and provide you with the clean, sanitary, and enjoyable workout experience.

While we are planning to reopen on September 14th, payroll deductions will not be activated until October paychecks for both the biweekly and monthly pay cycle.

We are proud of our high cleanliness standards and have extensive cleaning and sanitation guidelines in place. Our staff conduct regular and thorough cleaning of all equipment, surfaces, and areas of the gym and floor. There will also be a regular complete overnight deep cleaning of the facility. Although of course we cannot eliminate all risks associated with COVID-19, we've taken additional steps to strengthen our guidelines and procedures to help keep you and our staff feel safe when we reopen. But ultimately our members are our biggest defense against the spread of this or any virus. If you are not feeling well for any reason, please stay home and rest or seek appropriate medical advice.

Learn more about everything we're doing to keep your EFC clean and safe below:
Extra cleaning and safety precautions we are taking when you return:
- Increased sanitation throughout the gym floor: EFC staff will be performing increased, thorough cleanings throughout all areas of fitness center using disinfectant effective against COVID-19.
- Cleaning with disinfectant will be performed hourly and more frequently with additional usage of equipment.
- Everyone will wear masks at ALL times while in facility.
- Additional gym wipe stations provided
- Physical distancing: To allow for physical distancing, some pieces of cardio equipment will be temporarily out of use to create additional space.
- We have 8 feet physical distancing floor signs for group fitness class attendees as well as continuing to offer Teams Live virtual fitness classes.
-Touch-free check-in experience, including group fitness class attendance and ActivTrax appointments
- Limited Day Use lockers that will be cleaned every hour with locker room disinfection.

How you can help keep our EFC safe & healthy:
- Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before using equipment
- Disinfect equipment before and after use with wipes provided
- Maintain physical distance between members and staff
- Please stay home if you're not feeling well. We will be here for you when you feel better!
- Finally, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay active. We've been proud to keep you moving during this time while you're at home through our daily Teams live virtual events and exercises on our free ActivTrax app.

  • Yes, locker rooms and showers are available. We ask that members maintain social distancing in the locker rooms and at all times throughout the facility.

  • Yes, we will offer a limited number of classes daily both in-person and virtually with physical distancing of 8 feet or more, per USG policy face masks will be required. In the unlikely event that we reach class capacity members will be asked to sign up ahead of time on our ActivTrax app and be given an alternative workout to provide physical distancing guidelines.

    Classes virtual and in person are listed on https://employeewellness.kennesaw.edu/fitness-center/group-fitness.php

  • Center hours have been changed during this initial opening. Current hours can be found HERE. We look forward to re-considering these hours as we open up further services.

  • In order to ensure safe & proper distancing upon arrival, we are implementing touchless check-in process, simply stand behind front desk plexiglass and share your name for speedy check-in. Spacing for check-in is marked on the floor to ensure social distancing of six feet apart
    Once your check-in is complete, we request you sanitize your hands before using the center

    Additionally, a new exit for all member safety is identified.

  • Currently, we are training new staff cleaning, disinfecting and safety protocols and anticipate continuing to offer very shortly, physically distanced.

  • We are sorry to hear that we haven’t seen you in person yet. We would love to have the opportunity to fill you in and show you the safety protocols we have put in place to keep you safe, scroll above to read our member safety protocols.

    We have worked hard to build our customized ActivTrax software options and our Virtual Center with instructors from our EFC family. Our ActivTrax customized workout software option is exclusively available to our members at this time. To get started today email efc@kennesaw.edu for registration support and questions, or to participate in our virtual fitness options check out our Virtual September Teams events HERE