Microfit Fitness Assessment

All new members complete a fitness assessment which is a series of measurements that help determine physical fitness and establish a baseline. The assessment will evaluate resting heart rate and blood pressure, body composition, weight, flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness. The assessment duration is 45 minutes. Additional tests are available upon request.

Fitness Assessment Prep List

  • Wear proper workout attire and bring your KSU ID
  • Limit your food and caffeine intake within 45 min before your workout
  • Don’t exercise on the same day and exercise lightly the day before
  • Get excited to improve your fitness 

Personal Fitness Orientation

Want to get familiar with our exercise equipment? A Student Fitness Coach will walk through the use of each machine with respect to muscle focus, proper form and progression. You will walk away with a workout card – seat adjustments, sets, reps and resistance recorded. Upper body, lower body and core and cardiovascular machine equipment orienations are available by appointment. A typical session will take 45-60 minutes. 

Student Fitness Coaching  

At the EFC fitness and wellness is our passion.  We have a team of dedicated Student Fitness Coaches  providing our Members with workouts, support and motivation necessary to accomplish their goals and optimize their health. Our Student Fitness Coaches are not Certified Personal Trainers but are students of KSU studying Exercise Science. They are under the direct guidance of a Certified Exercise Physiologist. Coaching is available for 6 week increments with 1-2 sessions per week. Sessions are available for 30-60 minute time slots starting on the :00 or :30. Your initial session with your fitness coach will include a student intake form to determine your current level of fitness,  as well as your likes and dislikes. Soon you will have a customized workout plan designed specifically for your body and your goals. 



Appointment Policy

When making an appointment with the EFC please note you must be ready dressed in appropriate fitness attire and up at the front desk at the start of your appointment. *Please also be sure to warm up prior to your fitness coaching session unless you have requested a warm-up with your fitness coach. 

Members who show up 15 minutes or later past their scheduled appointment time or No Call No Show 3 times within a consecutive 3 month period without giving prior notice will lose the privilege of scheduling EFC wellness services for a full month. The coach is expected to wait 15 minutes for a member at which time the session is forfeited and considered a “No Show. Any time lost due to tardiness is considered part of the appointment.

Notify EFC staff as soon as possible, if you are unable to make your appointment by:

o   Calling (470) 578 – 6770 or emailing the EFC at