Membership Benefits

Release Time Policy

KSU allows faculty and staff up to 90 minutes of wellness release time each week as long as the employee has supervisor’s approval. The 90 minutes of release time are to be used in a constructive manner so that it fits the guidelines of the program.

The goal of the Release Time Policy is to provide a supportive environment that encourages employees to adopt positive lifestyle changes & behaviors, improve job performance, increase work satisfaction, cultivate work/life balance, and reduce health care costs.

Employees that are eligible to participate in the release time must be in a full time or part time benefited position (i.e. be eligible for health, life, dental, retirement, etc.). Release time for part-time benefited employees will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis with their number of hours worked.

Failure to comply with the guidelines of the program will result in forfeiture of the release time benefit.

Please click here for a Release Time Form and send the completed form to