Employee Wellness Programs

Health and well-being programs are offered to all KSU faculty and staff! These programs vary each semester and cover a variety of topics including nutrition, weight management, stress management and physical activity. A few programs offered in the past include: 10K A Day Walking Program, Colorful Choices, 12 Days Of Fitness, Weight 4 Me, Spring Into Motion, Walktober, National Get Fit Don't Sit Day, USG HealthTrails Online Well-being programs, and National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Program details are promoted through the KSU Inform email to all employees. Be on the lookout for the next program offered! For more information, please email.

Current Programs

  • Employees across the 26 institutions of the University System of Georgia are invited to join the University System of Georgia team on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 7 p.m., at the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk, located at the Georgia World Congress Center. We hope you will join us for an evening of fun, fitness and camaraderie. This is for everyone from walkers and joggers to competitive runners.

    Who: USG employees plus one family member can sign-up for the discounted entry fee of $12 per person (price includes race fee, team shirt and dinner), now through September 21, or until we reach the first 1,000 registrations, at which point the price will increase to $37 per person. Note: There will be no race-day registration.*Note: There will be no race day registration.

    Submit your ideas for the T-shirt design contest via email to usgwellbeing@usg.edu by Friday, August 24, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner of the T-shirt design contest will receive a free entry to the event and their design will be featured on our team T-shirt as we celebrate our well-being. Click here to learn more.

    Sign-up Today!

    To register, visit www.kpcorporaterunwalk.com

    Step 1: Go to Registration

    Step 2: Click on Register Now

    Step 3: Join a Corporate Team

    Step 4: Enter team name (University System of Georgia)

    Step 5: Complete form

    Team Code: USG

    Where: Georgia World Congress Center - Building C, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA US 30313

    When: Wednesday, October 24th at 7:00pm

    *For questions please e-mail the Team Captain Dessi Tzankova dtzankov@kennesaw.edu

    Click here to view the event marketing flyer.

  • Whether your goal is to lose weight, have more energy or manage the stress in your life, this  Get Active Atlanta! Training Program is designed to give you access to the support you need, including:

    NEW! Personalized Online Chat Training! Twice a week join our online chat sessions to receive training information and tips from our Training Director. This is part of the FREE 8-Week Training Program, are for all levels of runners and walkers. Get YOUR questions answered!

  • ​Welcome to Fall 2017 HealthTrails, brought to you by the USG Well-being program and Financial IQ Challenge brought to you by TIAA.

    Join fellow KSU coworkers this Thursday, September 28th 12 – 1 p.m. in KSU Center Room 462 for a Lunch N' Learn Kickoff to build camaraderie, excitement and learn more about the challenge. Please note healthy snacks and bottled water will be provided. Please feel free to bring your lunch too! Click here to sign up, space is limited.

    Registration opened Monday, September 18; you may begin recording Monday, October 2. All teams must be formed by Monday, October 23. 

    The competition will end Sunday, November 12, but you may update activity until the scores freeze on Wednesday, November 15.

    This 6-week journey through global destinations, your HealthTrails goal is to earn 300+ virtual miles by recording steps, gratitude, and participation in the financial IQ challenge.

    Fall 2017 HealthTrails Web Address: https://usgwellbeing.healthtrails.com

    How to register: Your unique ID is a combination of your first name, birth month, birth year, last name (John121950Smith).


    • Mobile app feature
    • Trail Talk (wall feature)
    • Trail Mates (buddy feature)
    • Individual Leaderboard
    • Campus Leaderboard
    • Tip Test mileage (correct tip quiz answer): 1 mile

    Device Integration

    • FitBit
    • Garmin
    • Movband
    • Yoo
    • Up to 53 different devices

    Health Behaviors


    • Goal: 6,000/day, 5 days/week
    • Max: 25,000/day, 7 days/week
    • Aim for at least 6,000 steps or more a day for the greatest health benefits, including lowering your risk for many chronic conditions. You may record as many steps as you’d like, but to encourage consistency a maximum of 25,000 steps a day will count toward your movement on the trail.


    • Goal: 1/day, 4 days/week
    • Max: 1/day, 7 days/week
    • Cultivating gratitude increases happiness and life satisfaction; among other benefits, it also strengthens relationships, boosts the immune system, and helps you sleep better. Aim to express gratitude daily by writing a few things you’re thankful for in a journal, sending a note of thanks, or communicating appreciation to someone in person. You can record as many expressions of gratitude as you’d like, but to encourage consistency, a maximum of 1 a day will count toward your movement on the trail.

    Financial IQ Challenge

    • 1/week
    • There are 15 quizzes in the challenge and a maximum of 1 quiz per week will count towards your movement on the trail. Play the Challenge every day to test your Financial IQ. Five winners will be chosen from each institution, at random, at the end of the challenge. You’re automatically entered for a chance to win TIAA promotional gear each time you play a session. Each day, 5 new questions will be added to the Challenge.

    The USG Well-being program in partnership with TIAA will be providing weekly Financial 30 WebEx.



    USG Well-being Summer 2017 HealthTrails 8-Week Online Challenge

    Join the University System of Georgia (USG) this summer, for the 8 week HealthTrails Challenge against the other USG institutions! The HealthTrails Challenge offers a fun way to log  healthy habits like: steps, sleep and self-compassion.

    Please click here to view the how-to register video

    Please click here to view an Overview of the HealthTrails Phone App video

    Please click here to view a video on How to Track your Health Behaviors 

    HealthTrails Online Well-Being Program Drop- In Info Meetings




    Who:  KSU employees are able to compete. Click here to read more about HealthTrails and register

    What: Health Trails 8-week Online or App Well-Being Challenge

    Where: Virtually travel individually or with a team (optional) through one of 8 trails you select online. 

    When: Challenge is 56 days long: Monday, June 19, 2017 - Sunday, August 13, 2017

    Why: To have fun on the trail with fellow KSU employees and learn - while improving mood, stress, and energy level. Begin recording your health habits. Along the way, you’ll earn virtual miles to mark your progress.

    Summer 2017 HealthTrails

    Program length: 8 weeks; 56 days

    Program goal: 400 virtual miles

    Registration start date/launch (first date participants can register): Monday, June 5

    Participant start date (first date participants record progress): Monday, June 19

    Registration end date: Monday, July 17

    Last day of the program: Sunday, August 13

    Social/Additional Features

    Mobile app feature

    Trail Talk (wall feature)

    Trail Mates (buddy feature)

    Individual Leaderboard

    Tip Test mileage (3 miles for a correct tip quiz answer)

    Campus Leaderboard

    Device Integration







    Team Competition

    Enrollment start date (first date to create/join teams): Monday, June 5

    Enrollment end date (last date to create/join teams): Monday, July 17

    Competition start date: Monday, June 19

    Length of competition: 8 weeks; 56 days

    Team size: 4-10

    Freeze team scores date (3 days after competition ends); Wednesday, August 16 at 11:59 PM CST

    Healthy Habit Tracking Guideline

    1. Steps

    Goal: 6,000/day, 4 days/week

    Max counted toward trail: 25,000 steps/day, 7 days/week

    Description: Aim for 10,000 steps or more a day for the greatest health benefits, including lowering your risk for many chronic conditions. You may record as many steps as you’d like, but to encourage consistency a maximum of 25,000 steps a day will count toward your movement on the trail.

    2. Sleep

    Goal: 6-8 hours, 5 days/week

    Max counted toward trail: 1/day, 7 days/week

    Description: Most adults require 7-9 hours of sleep to recharge. Quality sleep not only helps you feel revived when you wake, but it can also improve memory and recall, regulate appetite and the release of certain hormones, and protect/repair muscles as well as your immune system (1 sleep session of 7-9 hours a day will count toward your movement on the trail).

    3. Self-Compassion

    Goal: 1x/day/5 days

    Max counted toward trail: 2x/days 7/week

    Description: Practicing self-compassion — being kind and mindful with yourself — contributes to well-being and promotes successful behavior change. It’s also easier to be kind to others when you’re giving yourself the same treatment. Replace negative self-talk with thoughts like these: “It’s OK; you gave it your best shot.” “Everyone has a hard time with stuff like this.” “That was rough; you need a little space right now.” Making this a habit takes practice; start today with self-compassion meditations and exercises. Aim for 1 or more moments of self-compassion a day. You can record as many as you want, but to encourage consistency, a maximum of 2 moments a day will count toward your movement on the trail.


    Additional Important Information:

    Please click here to view the How-To Mobile Guide

    Please click here to view the HealthTrails Exercise Step Conversion

    Please click here to view S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Guide How-to

    Please click here to for Interactive Tool: Create Your own S.M.A.R.T. Goal

    Fresh 'N' Fit Cuisine Partnership with KSU Use code: KSU20 during the challenge for 20% healthy delivered meals

    Mindfulness: Getting Started

    USG Well-Being Resources

     Please click here to view Interactive Build a Meal Tool

  • Kennesaw State University's Weight Watchers "At Work Program", offers convenient, on-site weekly meetings with a certified Weight Watcher's leader. The leader comes to KSU to provide experienced guidance at weekly meetings that fit perfectly into the busy workday. Employees benefit from the proven advantage of group support for successful weight loss with co-workers who understand the workplace environment best. For more information about the Weight Watchers Approach please click here

    Susan Johnson, Weight Watcher Leader
    Ellen Helstowski, Weight Watcher Representative

    Fee/Registration Details
    Those interested in joining should stop in to a meeting for more info. Although, the series may be in session, you may join anytime during the series and the cost will be pro-rated.

    Please Note: Pricing subject to change by Weight Watchers depending on promotions etc.

    17 week Series for $186 per person (15% off this price at OPEN HOUSE for $156)
    Best value pricing $10.94 average weekly price
    Minimum of 15 paying participants per meeting
    Includes 19 weeks eTools
    Payment Options/Method:Split payments via check are accepted on Week One (only). Either 3 checks for $62. each or 2 checks for $93.
    Payment can be made by cash, check and most major credit cards.

    Click here to view the Weight Watchers Webinar Calendar (*Free for anyone to participate in!)

    Kennesaw Campus Current Series Days/Times:
    Wednesdays from 12-1pm through October 24th, 2018

    Click here to view upcoming Kennesaw Campus Summer Series Schedule. *

    Interested in participating on the Marietta Campus in Fall 2018?

    Please contact Dessi Tzankova, dtzankov@kennesaw.edu

  • You can commit to quit! Please call 470-578-6394 to inquire about upcoming classes offered on campus!

Nutrition Counseling